USS-Firebird Newsletter

News And interview with Uss-Firebird 

Captain Logs Star Date 111019 

With the Launch of USS-Firebird Captain Rene Jr Bendali has ensured that this vessel is equipped with all the necessary tools that are required to make it successful. The Captain and XO, Megan Schroeder have put a plan in place so that USS-Firebird  is Tactical Ship that will support the fleet with any upcoming battles.

Interview with the Commanding officer of Uss-Firebird.

What is the class of your ship : the class of our vessel is Ambassador Class since our Ship is mostly Tactical and will support the Star trek Fleet our motto is support and cover  our mother Ship Uss-longbow  and to provide few tactical advantaged to the entire Fleet. 

Interview with Executive officer of Uss-firebird.

Colonel Megan can you please provide us your Insight on the ship crew members.

Well as our captain mentioned to you that our ship will hold many positions like Security communications and many other our Vessel is vast as you can see in this presentation   its one of the most powerful Ship with state of the Art Phasers and tractor Beam 

as far as the crew events we have few that are lined up we will provide you few update on our next edition of our New letter